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Verification Services

Singh Tech India provides comprehensive background screening services for fraund control. It is necessary to make a thorough inquiry as to the antecedents, behavior, attitude and other minute details about the candidate before he is taken in for the job. Our researchers and investigators have developed an extensive network. This includes a close working relationship with members of the universities and colleges, local police, courts, companies for Employment verification and education departments of governments.

Address Verification

An address verification or address history search is a useful tool for clients who want to conduct a comprehensive criminal record search. Although job applications and resume’s contain present and, in some cases, past addresses, usually the required seven years off address information is not available. Conducting an address search not only validates the address information that has already been obtained, but it often includes additional addresses and names that need to be checked for possible criminal activity. This information is obtained from a variety of sources, including postal change of address requests and credit report information.

Education Verification

This check involves assessment of educational & professional qualifications from the University/College

Employment Verification

Singh Tech India offers employment background checks as part of a thorough pre-employment screening. Verification of employment is based on the information provided by the candidate on the resume and/or application. Our team of dedicated Verification Specialists will first attempt to obtain employment verification by telephone. However, many employers require a signature and a request in writing in order to release any employment information. When necessary, we will fax or email a written request with the candidate’s authorization in order to obtain the requested information. Singh Tech India provides three different options for clients who order an employment background check.

Police Verification

Singh Tech India offers national police checks for both individuals and companies. By using the Singh Tech India, individuals can quickly prove any criminal history, while organisations can be sure they are making an informed and educated business decision. Singh Tech India national police check service also synchronises with the full suite of Singh Tech India software, making it easy for organisations to include a police check in their recruitment and staff induction process.

Financial Verification

The Singh Tech India Financial Check gives you the peace of mind that your candidates have no history of financial mismanagement. This is of vital importance if you are recruiting for a role that involves the handling of money, accounts or sensitive data. Through screening your candidates, a thorough pre employment credit check from Singh Tech India is a first line of defence for your business’s integrity, reputation and security.

Reference Verification

Reference Checks are a valuable tool for screening candidates; however, conducting proper reference checks can be very time consuming and difficult for Hiring Managers. As a neutral third party, Back Check has people ready to make and take calls. We have no bias from having met your candidate in person – our only focus is getting you high quality, detailed information.

Identity Verification

An identity check can help to provide you with information you can use to be more confident about who exactly it is you are hiring and whether your applicant is being honest with the most basic of personal information. If a potential employee is misrepresenting his or her identity, about what else could they be misleading you? An identity check can also be a foundational part of a more comprehensive background check, providing essential information needed to move forward with more extensive searches.

ITR Verification

The check involves assessment of Applicant’s ITR check.

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